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Why Is Smoothie Perfect For Your Breakfast?

Why Is Smoothie Perfect For Your Breakfast?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But there are still millions of people who skip it every single day. Why? Most of them say they are just too busy to make something to eat. But eating (or drinking) your breakfast can be super simple and it can only take you 5 minutes. How? Simple. With smoothies. Let Elikia-Africa Shop take a look and demonstrate why a smoothie can be your perfect breakfast choice.

Firstly, if you combine the ingredients in the right way, a smoothie can be a powerful nutritional bomb. Make sure you add enough protein and good fat and it will provide you with satiety and enough energy for the next few hours. Great protein and healthy fat sources to include in your recipe are:

    • coconut oil or milk,
    • natural yoghurt, cottage cheese,
    • avocado,
    • natural nut butters (not store-bought!),
    • natural protein powders (hemp, peas).

Making a smoothie

 Also, make sure you measure all the ingredients. Many people forget about this and throw everything they can find in the blender. Remember, it does not matter that you drink a smoothie – calories are still calories, so make sure they come from the right source. Do not add sugar, pop drinks and processed foods to your mixture – you will ruin your smoothie and fill your body with extra calories it does not need.

If after you do not feel full your smoothie or you are just worried you will get hungry really fast, try this little trick: add some rolled oats to your blender. The result will be a thicker smoothie because starch from oatmeal absorbs some of the liquid and forms. In this case, we recommend that you eat your smoothie in a bowl or even better an Elikia-Africa Shop coconut bowl. Satiety guaranteed!


Smoothie in a bowl- Elikia-Africa Shop

Secondly, a morning smoothie is a great way to add liquid to your body. Do you often wake up very tired and not rested at all? Sometimes the reason for this is because your body is dehydrated. Over the night, your body can lose for as much as one litre of sweat and you have to replace it somehow. So make sure you add quality liquid to your smoothie. You can use:

    • cold water,
    • freshly squeezed fruit juices,
    • coconut, almond or soy milk,
    • nonfat Greek yoghurt or
    • kefir

Make sure you do not add store-bought juices as they are usually filled with extra sugar and additives you do not need.

Moreover, your breakfast smoothie can be a great way to add greens to your daily diet. Adding greens, such as spinach, kale, parsley or cucumbers will add nutritional value to your smoothie and make sure you get your daily dose of minerals and vitamins. Some of us here at Elikia-Africa Shop finds it difficult to regularly eat our vegetables...but when they are in a smoothie, it makes it easier. Just one warning – if you are new to the smoothie world, make sure you gradually add greens to the smoothie. Kale, for example, can be bitter and adding it too much too quick will ruin your flavor. So make sure you take one step at a time.

Green Smoothie- Elikia-Africa Shop 

If you still believe you do not have enough time to make your morning smoothie, give it a try. You will see that it is super easy. All you need is a good blender, the right and quality ingredients and a few minutes of your morning time.


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