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Elikia-Africa Shop's Vibrant Collections

Elikia-Africa Shop's Vibrant Collections

At Elikia-Africa Shop, we offer a wide variety of African-inspired collections to help you to showcase the vast African heritage! Our collections consist of items such as the Zebra Collection that very prominently displays the beautiful contrast of black and white. The Zebra Collection is a stunning authentic reflection of the African culture, we also have some items featuring the map of Africa on them as well.

Elikia-Africa Shop - Zebra Collection 

Our Rainforest Collection prominently displays colourful and green designs, to symbolise the massive rainforest. These designs are one of our best-selling items as they are refreshingly fashionable and good looking.

 Elikia-Africa Shop - Cushion Covers


The Elikia-Africa Collection is our original collection that consists of T-shirts with a map of Africa and our main slogan and other creative designs that allow our customers to showcase their love for this beautiful continent. It is important to remind everyone the meaning of the word Elikia. It is a word that comes from the Lingala language, which is spoken in D R Congo and other neighbouring countries.


Elikia-Africa Shop - Original Tshirt

The King Collection for Men and Queen Collection for Women are two separate collections that offer a wide variety of stunning products that accentuate the male and female features to ensure that they look amazing! A great selection of these designs has an image of Africa’s most popular and inspiring sons and daughters in it, to proudly showcase our love for the continent and its people.


Elikia-Africa Shop - King Collection Madiba Sweatshirt 

The Liputa Collection is one of our most sought-after collections, due to the incredible Wax prints and African prints that it has to offer! Featuring colourful designs that are vibrant and are sure to make you the centre of attention, these designs are absolutely to die for!


 Elikia-Africa Shop - Liputa

Visit our online store www.elikia-africa-shop.com  to browse through each of our incredible collections and buy now!




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